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Hattie Sibbick

Review: Absolutely brilliant trainer who has transformed our reactive rescue dog, by giving me the tools to support him. He (and I ) are still a “work in progress”, but he can now enjoy scent detection classes INDOORS, WITH OTHER DOGS!! I would never have thought that would EVER be possible . Can’t thank Natasha enough.Would recommend: Yes


Sam Howard 

I have been with Tasha for 2 years now with my 2 rescue ex breeding dogs. I  got them at the age of nearly six years and they had had no socialization. They were both human and dog reactive so we had and still have a long journey ahead of us.With Tasha by our side all the way both my girls have come along way. I would not trust them with anybody else.My girls will never be perfect but Tasha has shown me how to help them, and to show them they can be happy and they dont need to fear everything and everyone. To see them now to what they were when I first got them they have come along way and this is all thanks to Tasha 


Emily Higgs

Amazing trainer.I have used her for all 3 of my dogs, and would not hesitate to recommend 


Highly recommend

Having had an awful time with a (I now know its called balanced training) trainer that choked my poor dog. I wanted to get it right this time so asked a lot of questions,   like what qualifications thendo you have  I actually looked into this I was gobsmacked at how many trainers in the area LIED about what they had especially university ones.I also asked for copies for proof 2 trainers declined (I wonder why) Methods was important to me but again I was mislead by some. One said they was positive because they gave treats  but also used punishment so that was liesEven one with a what's supposed to be reputable name gave false information.After extensive research the most open and honest trainer was PAW AND ORDER DOG TRAINING Very knowledgeable  experienced and happy to give proof of different qualifications. They do not use force or do corrections. The welfare of the dog comes first and I was impressed with how much choices the dogs are encouraged to make themselves. First time dog owners like myself assume a dog training would need some sort of education but as I've found out anyone can call themselves a trainer or even run a named club So please do your research and dont be afraid to ask questions A respectable responsible honest trainer like Paw and Order will answer even the what you think are silly questions.

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